WEB site creation, web marketing such as SEO ยท access analysis, internet advertisement such as listing advertisement are also compatible widely.


Mass media

It is a medium with a high appealing effect using TV, radio, newspaper and magazines. We will also propose local advertising mass media advertisements according to purpose and situation in area-specific development.


Folding advertisement

It is a flyer advertisement that is folded into newspaper delivered to each family. In addition to being able to convey timely and abundant information, it is also a great merit to remain at the hands of the readers.


Printed matter

We propose a method to utilize printed materials well and a design leading to sales promotion depending on purpose and use, such as print fliers, posters, brochures and business cards.



Since you can attract a large number of people at once, you can appreciate the target reaction directly. We will propose totally from the planning of various events to the operation.


Outdoor advertisement

It is a signboard which is generally displayed outdoors for a long time. Advertising space is also an effective medium for notifying and keeping memories large. It is also excellent for sales promotion in certain districts.

Our philosophy

Through the advertising business, we will contribute with the utmost to prosperity of local communities and business partners, pursue the development of the company and the happiness of all employees' minds.

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