1. Respect for legal compliance / social norms
    We will comply with laws and regulations and do corporate activities sincere and fair without departing from social norms.
  2. Protection of confidential information and intellectual property
    We recognize the importance of confidential information and intellectual property and handle it properly.
  3. Appropriateness of transaction
    We will ensure sound relationships with our business partners, and conduct appropriate and fair dealings.
  4. Respect for human rights
    We respect each other's human rights and diversity.
  5. Harassment prohibition
    I will not tolerate any harassment.
  6. Good work environment
    We will realize a work environment where each employee can work positively, brightly, happily and positively.
  7. Environmental protection
    Recognizing that protection of the global environment is an important responsibility, we will comply with relevant laws and regulations and various regulations, act in harmony with the global environment and improvement of the environment.
  8. Elimination of antisocial forces
    We will resolutely respond to antisocial forces. We will not make any profit.

Our philosophy

Through the advertising business, we will contribute with the utmost to prosperity of local communities and business partners, pursue the development of the company and the happiness of all employees' minds.

Contact Details


Flat/Room 703, Kowloon Building, 555 Nathan Road , Kowloon,Hong Kong